Our latest Quick Service Restaurant product

StaffSafe® is proud to reveal our new-look QSR control panel. Why not take a look…

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This fronts the ultra-fast connectivity and advanced technology behind our system, used by the major fast food retailers in the UK, that puts retail staff in immediate 2-way contact with our highly trained professionals who intervene, take control, and provide reassurance in dangerous and life-threatening situations.

Our system is used by all the major brands working in the quick service restaurant sector in the UK and the new pictured control panel provides even more streamlined and customisable features. For example:

Audible Assistance for personalised or pre-recorded warnings

Silent Assist – where any sound or audible alert could make a situation worse, our staff become the eyes and ears to support your staff and get the right help

ASB and Lockdown – our staff will have worked with you on an agreed response to your most common problems and requirement, from intervention in anti-social behaviour to an immediate lockdown procedure

Restaurant closing – a routine customer announcement that allows your staff to get on with the job in hand and without any difficult situations

If you’d like to find out more, we’d be happy to talk to you…

Our December StaffSafe Hero

Lyam McGowan –  StaffSafe Hero December

Lyam McGowanLyam is an experienced member of our team in our support centre. Here, Lyam tells us how he was able to support convenience store staff in a distressing and potentially dangerous situation. Well done for using your experience and expertise to bring a quick and satisfactory conclusion to an incident.

Lyam says:

“When I received a call from a convenience store, it became apparent on CCTV that a fight had broken out inside involving around six young people. I read the warning script into the store to them through the two-way communication system, trying to get them to disperse whilst alerting the emergency services on a 999 call.

I was then concerned when I saw a staff member attempting to intervene and split up the fight. Although I could not see any weapons, we know from our experience that the use of weapons is becoming more prevalent in this type of situation and that the risk to safety is increasing all the time. So, I advised the staff member as quickly as possible to keep himself of harm’s way and that help, via the police, was on its way.

The police had advised me that they were travelling to the scene on an immediate response and this provided a reassurance to the store staff and other customers. As the incident was taking place, I was able to describe this to the police in real time, along with a detailed description of all those involved in the fight.

Thankfully, the police arrived on site very quickly, bringing the incident to an end and taking control of the situation.

This was a challenging situation where I was able to intervene, interact and assure. There was so much happening very quickly and it was very distressing and emotionally charged for the staff members and other customers. Yet I was able to quickly assess the scene. I was very relieved when the staff member took my advice to not get physically involved and to keep safe by keeping away from the incident. My experience and the CCTV proved invaluable here. Our priority is always safety.”

Our October StaffSafe Hero Cáelainn Rafferty supports a panicked and pregnant lone worker through a difficult situation

Employees who work alone, often outside of normal working hours, can find themselves in difficult situations with only their own initiative to rely on and, if something bad happens, it can be hard to get help. Cáelainn Rafferty

Our StaffSafe Hero for this month is senior response operator Cáelainn Rafferty who gave valuable support to a female lone worker in a high street bookmaker’s when she found herself in such a situation recently.

Cáelainn responded to a StaffSafe activation from the woman who was checking the building towards the end of her shift as part of the lockdown process. As soon as the system was activated, Cáelainn was able to start two-way verbal communication and she could see the woman via the CCTV link. She could tell immediately, from the woman’s tone and body language, that she was panicked. She had gone to check the toilets but could not get the door open and believed someone was inside.

Cáelainn assured the woman that she could see what was happening via the CCTV and that she would stay with her on the call to give her support for as long as was needed. As the situation progressed, the staff member became more and more distressed when there turned out to be a man passed out in toilet behind the door. He wasn’t responding and the employee wasn’t able to open the door to give assistance.

As the woman’s panic grew, she was becoming very short of breath and Cáelainn could see that she was very heavily pregnant. This situation was therefore clearly putting the woman and her unborn baby at risk too. Cáelainn explains:

“My main priority was to keep the staff member safe and calm by taking control of the difficult situation. I reassured her and gave her the confidence that I was going to get help for both her and the man who had collapsed in the toilet. I called for an ambulance and clearly, quickly and efficiently explained the severity of the situation to them so that they could assess and help accordingly. I also contacted the company’s security team so that they could notify the woman’s manager. To further comfort the woman, I also asked her if she would like to call someone from her mobile who could come and sit with her while she waited for the ambulance.”

The woman felt a huge sense of relief that she was not faced with having to deal with this situation on her own and thanked Cáelainn many times over before the ambulance arrived.

Cáelainn’s experience, calmness, clear communication and ability to respond appropriately were invaluable in this difficult situation. A well deserved award, and well done.

September’s StaffSafe Hero Adrian helps distressed convenience store staff in an armed robbery

We congratulate our StaffSafe Hero for September, our senior response operator Adrian Bates. Recently, he used his experience to provide vital covert support by monitoring CCTV and giving a real time report to police while armed robbers violently threatened frontline staff in a convenience store…

Adrian Bates

Adrian helped in a violent and potentially dangerous armed robbery

When armed robbers entered a local convenience store, one staff member was able to activate their silent wrist trigger, immediately linking the store and the staff to Adrian in our monitoring centre through the StaffSafe® system. StaffSafe®’s two-way connectivity enabled Adrian to see the armed robbery as it was happening and the offenders who were shouting threats of violence and demanding the contents of the till and cigarette kiosk from the staff.

The CCTV showed two men at the till area armed with knives, and another who was at the door acting as a lookout. Adrian was aware that the staff were extremely distressed and tearful while trying to meet the robbers’ aggressive demands. This was obviously an extremely frightening and distressing situation for them. Adrian knew well that his first line of support needed to be carried out in silence, without audio and visual communication into the store from him, to reduce further risk to the staff.

Essential information for rapid police response

Adrian could hear the staff in distress as the armed men threatened them with stabbing and murder. However, his approach meant that he was able to provide clear and detailed information to the police as the situation developed. This helped the police to provide an appropriate and prompt response, as Adrian alerted them to the robbers leaving the building, with descriptions of the men, the type of vehicle they were in, and their direction of travel.

As soon as the offenders had left the building, Adrian’s activity turned to reassurance and support for the traumatised employees. He connected over the speaker to assure them that they were being closely monitored and the police were on their way.

Providing the right support and reassurance during and after the incident

At a time when staff were distraught and in shock it was still an essential part of Adrian’s role to ensure that safety measures were put in place and other practicalities such as locking doors and not disturbing the crime scene, and Adrian managed this with complete sensitivity.

Adrian sums up the call: “The police were able to be on site very quickly and thankfully, although they were all still extremely distressed, the staff were unharmed physically. I believe that staff are instantly reassured when they hear a StaffSafe operator’s voice and are reassured that we have been working in the background to support them through a very difficult time. Staying on the line and offering support and reassurance until the police can get there and talking with them about the event not only keeps it fresh in their minds for evidence but the staff also seemed more relaxed that someone else was, in a way, taking control of the situation.”


Proudly announcing August’s StaffSafe Hero Chris Jordan

IMG_1178Fast food restaurants are extremely busy places where it’s vital to protect the staff and other customers against anyone who may be displaying threatening or antisocial behaviour.

And our latest StaffSafe Hero, our control room team leader Chris Jordan, recently demonstrated how, through our responsive system and his calm and effective handling of a difficult situation, he successfully did just that by supporting a staff member and potentially saving a life in a leading brand’s fast food restaurant…

Chris tells us what happened:

‘The duty manager of the fast food chain restaurant activated a call which I picked up on a Saturday afternoon. They described to me a disturbance that was going on involving two drunk young women on their premises. Through our technology linking the store in two-way communication to our call centre, I quickly identified the young women on the CCTV and read out an initial warning script over the tannoy, so attempting to remove the threat in the first instance.

Being a Saturday afternoon, the restaurant was very busy, including families with young children. And I could see that the volatile behaviour being displayed by the two inebriated young women was clearly alarming other customers and staff as well as disrupting business.

One challenging aspect of this call was just how quickly the incident was unfolding during my intervention. I identified that the offenders were young and under 18 and, as they did not respond to my instruction to leave, I initiated a 999 call to the police.

While I was calling the police, one of the young women ran out of the restaurant, leaving her companion on the premises who suddenly became very unwell. She was staggering around the restaurant among the customers and collapsing to the floor. This prompted me to request additional ambulance attendance from the police controller.

Throughout the incident, the StaffSafe® audio call remained live along with live CCTV streaming. Once, all the relevant information had been passed to the police control in real-time, I continued to liaise with the restaurant duty manager, offering advice and support. At one point the inebriated young women vomited as she was lying on her back, and I was able to support staff on site in administering first aid, helping to place her in the recovery position and ensure her airway was clear. Once police officers and paramedics arrived on site, I thanked the staff members for their cooperation and response to my various instructions.

In turn, the duty manager thanked me for my intervention, support, guidance and instruction offered throughout the incident.”

Well done Chris, from all at StaffSafe: What had initially started out as an antisocial behaviour incident, quickly developed into a medical emergency. It required close liaison between myself and staff members on site to safeguard the young woman’s welfare, while reassuring customers and staff.

Meet Samantha Hodgson – our latest StaffSafe Hero

How our call centre operator Samantha made a difference to a lone worker 

The incident

Samantha has had very positive feedback from a client’s staff member who found herself in a threatening and potentially dangerous situation while working alone. Samantha tells us what happened:

‘I remember speaking to the staff member who was trying to tell me that the customer wanted money from her. All the time the staff member was talking, the customer kept shouting that he wanted the money he had won. But it was after 10 pm, so the staff couldn’t make a payout, and the man had lost all his money and wanted to be refunded. He was shouting at her to give him his money and getting very aggressive.

I was watching him on CCTV and, due to his aggressive manner, I contacted the police straight away as he was becoming more agitated. I continued to advise the employee that I was passing all information on to police.

The man continued to be aggressive and I had to keep warning him, through the two-way communication, to step away from the counter and stop putting his arms through the space.

The police told me they would attend on an immediate response due to the staff member being a lone worker and the customer being so aggressive. I reassured the woman employee that I had CCTV open and would continue to monitor her until police arrived, which I did.

I got feedback too, which was very nice, and made me feel like I do make a difference to how people feel when they are in a confrontational situation.

The feedback

And here’s how, after the incident, the employee told us that Samantha and StaffSafe®

had made a real difference: ‘a million thank yous for watching over me in what was a very strange situation to what I’m used to in my normal shop. Even though I was well out of my

 comfort zone, I felt safe and calm so thank you beyond words’.

Samantha tells us more about her role

Anti-Social behaviour is on the increase, as well as more serious incidents, and my role is continually developing with the times as we bring in more and more equipment and technology, covering more clients visually as well as audibly, which helps the clients and us to deal with whatever situation may be occurring.

The duties of the day vary depending on what shift you are on. During the day, we can be dealing with antisocial behaviour, shoplifters, assaults or even armed robberies. As well as dealing with our calls, we will be assisting engineers through the system as they install new units or repair already installed units. During the night we can be dealing with break ins, fights or, through the use of CCTV and audio, checking that authorised personnel are on site (cleaners and delivery drivers). Day and night, we continue to train newer members of staff and complete any admin that may need updating.

I enjoy the variety of my job. One minute you can be taking test calls from staff and the next minute you can be dealing with a serious Incident where we use our experience in offering support and reassurance. No two days are the same in the job and you can never predict what kind of shift you are going to have.

The nature of calls have changed drastically since I started five years ago. Break ins were not very common but have become a weekly occurrence with some stores being on high alert. Armed robberies have become more violent and more frequent. There is more antisocial behaviour as youths hang around in large groups which can be intimidating to others. And Lone workers can find themselves in very vulnerable situations these days.

Congratulations Samantha on being named StaffSafe Hero of the Month.


StaffSafe Heroes

IMG_0969StaffSafe® is more than its ultra-fast connectivity and the advanced technology behind the system… even more important is its unique ability to put front-line staff in immediate contact with a highly trained professional person in our monitoring centre who intervenes, takes control, and provides the reassurance and assurance that is essential when employees are faced with a stressful, dangerous or life-threatening situation.

And so, each month, we’re celebrating our StaffSafe Heroes, the people who work in our business with around-the-clock dedication to give our clients invaluable support, right when they need it most.

We’re proud to announce that our StaffSafe Hero for May is Nicky Paton. Thank you Nicky for your commitment, positive attitude and the wealth of knowledge you bring to StaffSafe.

StaffSafe Hero – Nicky Paton

Nicky is responsible for operations, staff training and liaising with clients in our monitoring centre in Dumfries. He has been working with our company for over 7 years now.

Read more about Nicky and what he does:

What does your day consist of?

It can be quite difficult to explain to people what we do… it’s so much more than ‘security’. I see our job as protecting client welfare, looking after and protecting staff at the front-line of retail, or lone workers. One minute we can be speaking to someone about how to deal with rowdy teenagers spitting in a fast-food restaurant or the next we could be supporting someone who is being held at gun-point in a local convenience store. It’s about customer care.

When we respond to calls, our experience of managing a whole range of complex situations and dealing with people enables us to think quickly, efficiently and effectively. We are highly trained and understand just how important our words and actions are in taking control, supporting the appropriate action, and providing reassurance.

And we don’t end the call until we have dealt with the threat or alerted the emergency services, only when the staff member feels safe and confident to carry on their duties will we move on to the next call.

Has your role changed or the nature of situations you deal with changed over the years?

The number of incidents has certainly grown and client demand has increased. We have developed from providing a ‘want to have’ service to a ‘must have’ service. We have demonstrated the positive results our service can provide and to many, this has become a necessity.

The type of clients has changed too… we used to work with a lot of smaller independents, and we now also work with numerous high-end, blue-chip companies also.

Why is what you do important?

It’s so important for us to be able to take away the worry from front-line staff who could potentially come into contact with aggression, threats and even physical danger when dealing with customers. Facing this every day leads to stress, and possibly even mental health issues and injury. We’re trained in crisis intervention. It’s what we’re good at, and it’s helpful for our clients’ employees to know that a professional company is close by to take control of difficult and dangerous situations for them, providing them with practical support and reassurance. This allows them to get on with the job that they are good at and paid to do, and hopefully helps them to enjoy it more.

As many more lone-worker situations arise, it’s good for us to be quickly accessible at the end of a covert trigger, so that people who have to work alone don’t feel isolated and unsafe. It gives them more confidence in their work.

And as crime rates change, and the capacity for police to respond reduces, I feel we increasingly provide a vital service.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Every day is different and you’ll never deal with the same call twice and in the same way. Each client’s requirements must be met in a bespoke way too. It’s always changing and always provides a challenge.

I thrive on being able to make a difference and in knowing that our clients understand that we make every effort we can to help them. It’s good to know that we share, and can contribute to, our clients’ high standards and goals. And I feel like we’re on the front-line too with our clients’ employees.

I enjoy working in a team of professionals who also proud of their job and who take every step possible to provide the best service.

I feel that my job is unique and, whilst it’s based on latest technology, it’s mostly about people. People do what technology will never be able to do – display empathy.